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It’s been done before: the anatomy of a killer. A young boy, product of twisted or loveless parents, grows into a life of crime and becomes twisted and loveless himself. His compulsive burglaries lead to the bludgeoning death of two women and he is executed in San Quentin’s gas chamber. His story is told through a taped interview with a former inmate and friend turned radio reporter and in flashbacks.

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LA Times

“Pieces of Time” at the Celebrity Center Theater cast a deepening shadow over familiar notions about crime and judgement. The play opens in shadow, with an intruder bludgeoning a woman in her bedroom, and quickly segues to a newsman interviewing the killer on Death Row. What follows is a surprisingly strong prison drama exceptionally well crafted by playwright Jules Maitland and distinctively acted by Stephen Nichols in the role of the doomed killer.

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