Stephen Nichols in He Hunts scene with Maxwell CaulfieldGeffen Playhouse has a gem.

by Candy Carstensen

Georges Feydeau’s MONSIEUR CHASSE has a new name: HE HUNTS, translated and adapted by Philip Littell.

HE HUNTS is a farce about unfaithful husbands and wives, mistaken identities, sexual intrigue and scheming best friends. It’s silly and amusing.

Everything starts with a suspicious hunting trip. Dochotel (Maxwell Caulfield) is off on one of his customary hunting expeditions when his best friend Moricet (Stephen Nichols) hints to Dochotel’s wife (Valarie Pettiford), whom he is madly in love with, that the hunting trip is not what it seems and the game he brings home after the hunt is from a butcher shop. And so the fun begins.

The cast is delightful. Caulfield and Nichols are extremely likable.

Especially charming and splendid is Carol Kane as Madame Latour. Her timing is impeccable, her performance terrific.

Put HE HUNTS on your Go See list. It’s delicious fun and totally charming, playing in a totally charming theatre.