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Stephen Nichols

STEPHEN NICHOLS (ex-Stefan Cassadine, General Hospital, ex-Steve “Patch” Johnson, Days of Our Lives) leaves his dark characters behind in order to play a hopeless romantic in the comedic play He Hunts, by Georges Feydeau, adapted by Philip Littell.

Nichols stars as Moricet, a poet obsessed with his best friend’s wife. “I’m trying to convince her to have an affair with me and I justify it because her husband is cheating on her, after all,” Nichols explains.

“This is French farce: fast paced and wacky, mistaken identities, bouncing off the walls comedy,” Nichols laughs. “The style of the production is colorful and highly theatrical.”

The opportunity to return to theater was welcome. “I was telling my wife that I wanted to do another play, and I wanted to find a comedy. It came along at the right time.

“Doing theater really keeps my spirit alive,” Nichols adds. “I have been eating, drinking and sleeping this play. I’m exercising every muscle, acting and otherwise, and my body aches all over from the physical demands of the piece.