Delirious - Critic's Choice

J. Bunzel’s hilarious yet bitter comedy about life in the cocaine fast lane is a sort of Beverly Hills No Exit. These disenfranchised characters, “the younger brothers and sisters of the Big Chill fraternity,” range from a millionare’s son to a Rastafarian and are linked only by the common denominators of drugs and a sense of general purposelessness. The action revolves around the cocaine mirror, which is borne from room to room as a protective talisman to fend off reality and responsibility for a few more hours. In these drug-clouded, video-torqued brains, the survival instinct gives way before a drug user’s elaborate rationale: “We are destined to destroy ourselves; it’s in our blood, it’s instinctual.” For all its darker elements, Delirous is as exhilarating as a drug rush. So pool your recreational allowance, forgoe that armani T-shirt you’re had your eye on, and buy a ticket – if there’s any left.

– F. Kathleen Foley