• Living in Between
  • If the Truth Be Told
  • Swimming Through Mud
  • I Can’t Get No Satisfaxion and Coincidence or Conspiracy

Played Tommy Simmons
First aired: 1993

Tommy Simmons (Stephen) was a local high school football star who was injured during the game and is now the resident drug dealer.

He gets involved with an old friend, Mike Chulack (Matt Salinger) who has just gotten out of prison. When Brian Christianson (Sean Fitzgerald) is murdered, Mike is the prime suspect.

Detective Jerry Kuntz (Ramy Zada) sets Mike up for the murder when Christianson sees Tommy give him a briefcase full of money and he robs him. Tommy, fearing that Kuntz will kill him next fakes his death with the help of Detective Melinda Lopez (Megan Follows) and brings Kuntz to justice.

The series also starred Connie Sellecca.