(4 episodes)
Played Dr. Matt Cane
First aired: Feelings, Whoa Whoa Whoa, Feelings, February 25, 1995

Stand By Your Man, March 25, 1995
Life Goes On (part 1), April 29, 1995
Life Goes On (part 2), April 29, 1995

Dr. Matt Cane (Stephen) comes to town for a conference and comes by the clinic to see his old friend Laverne. Laverne is just thrilled to see “Little Matty Cane,” her childhood friend from Hickory, Arkansas. Unfortunately the clinic is busy and she can’t take off the afternoon with him so he volunteers to help out. Carol comes by and sees Matt and is interested in him. Laverne gives her the go head and tells her they are just friends. She finds herself jealous when Carol invites Matt over for dinner and makes an excuse to come by.

Laverne keeps telling herself and her friends that she and Matt are just friends but finds herself falling in love with him. When he leaves she catches him at the airport and tells him she loves him and he tells her he loves her. They try to do a cross country romance with Matt coming for weekend visits when he can. Situations keep cropping up that keep him in Hickory and Laverne feels like she needs to let him go because she can’t go on that way. Matt comes to see her and tells her he feels they can’t go on this way either and just when she thinks he’s dumping her, he proposes. She accepts and her mother goes nuts planning a wedding and driving Laverne crazy. She insists that Laverne wear her wedding gown when Laverne wants to wear something else.

On the wedding day, Laverne and Matt are missing and everyone thinks they have eloped. Kevin arrives and he and Carol decide they want to get married right then. When the ceremony starts, Laverne and Matt arrive and Laverne tells her mother she couldn’t get married without her. Laverne asks to wear her mother’s wedding dress and there is a double wedding.