Stephen in Wild HorsesWild Horses

Produced in 1992

Wild Horses was a presentation pilot that Stephen produced, starred in and co-directed. His wife Lisa wrote the screenplay and co-starred in the pilot.

Jess Riley (Stephen) is a rodeo cowboy who killed a man in a brawl and then went to prison. He is now trying to make a living doing odd jobs. A wealthy older man, Leonard Rose and his young wife, Lesley, meet Jess out by the barn where he is unloading bails of hay. 

Leonard tells him the horse was left there and asks how much it would cost to keep the horse for a month or two. Lesley seems taken with Jess and wants to keep the horse and get Jess to give her riding lessons. Leonard says they will talk about it.

Later that night Leonard tells Lesley that he knows she isn’t happy about moving but that it won’t be forever. Jess’ girlfriend, Laura, works in the diner and her brother wants Jess to help him and his friend rob a sporting goods store. Jess refuses even though he doesn’t have any money. Lesley comes for a riding lesson and admires Jess as he rides the horse. He tells her she has a real beauty and a good horse needs a name. Lesley later names the horse Winsome. Laura doesn’t like Jess’s cramped dirty trailer and wants him to move in with her. They argue and she leaves in a huff over Lesley.

Jess goes to Lesley’s home and she tells him she would like him to take Winsome and be in the big rodeo at the end of the summer. Lesley’s young daughter, Renee sees them holding hands. Jess goes out the rodeo grounds and runs into an old rodeo buddy, Tyler. Tyler goads him, telling him he’s past prime and they need a new rodeo clown.

When Lesley comes for her next riding lesson both she and Jess get a big surprise. Candice, Leonard’s older daughter by another marriage is there and later flirts with him. She gets her father to agree for her to take riding lessons too. Lesley gets angry and leaves on the pretense of going to get milk. She goes to see Jess and tells him she loves him. As they kiss, the sheriff is watching them with a smirk on his face.