Played Jesse James
First aired: April 16-18, 1989
An Englishman named Phileas Fogg (Pierce Brosnan) makes a bet that, using all the modern forms of transportation, he can travel around the world in 80 days. He and his sidekick begin their voyage in a hot-air balloon, and make their way through Europe and on to India, where they save a widow from committing suttee (killing herself in her husband’s funeral pyre).   Then they travel by train in America and by ship across the Pacific.

While out west he meets Jesse James (Stephen). Jesse sees Phileas dancing with the Princess and says he has to have her. When he tries to cut in on the dance Phileas refuses to let him dance with her. This infuriates Jesse but his brother drags him out as Jesse vows to get him if they ever meet again.

Later, Jesse hops on the train trying to get to Omaha and lay low like his brother Frank advised. When he sees Phileas, he demands they fight, and the men have a duel on the train. Just when they are getting ready to shoot, Indians attack the train and the duel is never finished. Jesse jumps off the train in the middle of the fight.

Phileas and his companion finally complete the loop, but he believes they have arrived just a little too late to win their bet. However, the time difference has afforded him an extra day…and he has, in fact, won.