Episode: Burial Ground
Played Walt Canton
First aired: January 29, 1991

Walt (Stephen), Larry, and Donnie dress up like Indians and rob the Indian payroll office. They plan on burying the money in an Indian burial ground.

Deputy Russ Thorne follows them and a shootout occurs, killing the deputy and Donnie. Walt and Larry bury the money with the two bodies and plan to come back in a month and dig up the money and leave town.

Bobbie Smith is picked up in the town for shoplifting. The sheriff finds out she has an outstanding warrant for extradition for her testimony in a trial in LA. Detective Michael Burton (John D’Aquino)┬áis sent to pick her up.

On their way to Las Vegas, they stop at an old service station that Larry happens to run. Burton catches Bobbie as she sneaks out of the back of the restroom and handcuffs her to the steering wheel of his car. Bobbie appeals to Larry to help her, and he tries, but Michael stops him.

As they are leaving, Walt walks up and wants to know what was going on and Larry tells him that was a cop and he was trying to help the girl. Walt scolds him and tells him he should never fool around with a cop. It has been a month, and they leave to go dig up the money. The car won’t start so they get a late start and end up camping out overnight until they can dig the money up the next day.

Michael Burton has a sixth sense about ghosts. As he and Bobbie approach Coyote Pass, where the burial ground is located, he sees a figure on the rocks. Thorne appears to him and asks that he catch his killers. He tells Burton they buried him a month ago today. Michael agrees to help him if he can. Thorne wants his body buried correctly and the money returned to his people and harmony restored.

The next morning, Walt and Larry go to the burial ground to dig up the money. Burton confronts them and, in the ensuing shootout, Walt and Michael get shot.

To protect Michael from being killed off by Larry, Thorne uses his energy to reanimate Donnie. Donnie clutches the money bag and says, “The money is mine,” and leaves with it. When Donnie won’t stop, Larry shoots him and he and the money fall off a cliff. When Larry finds Donnie’s body, it disappears. Thorne appears to Michael and tells him all is well. Bobbie holds Larry at gunpoint until the sheriff and Burton’s boss find them. Bobbie agrees to testify in the other case.