Episode: Collision Course
Played Carl Canin
First aired: November 17, 1993

Ellen (Gina Gershon) invites Sydney Andrews (Laura Leighton) to an A-list Hollywood party to take her mind off her boyfriend troubles. Sydney and Ellen arrive at the party in a huge house. Two strangers, a male and female, are staring at the duo and the man asks the woman, “How much?” The woman says she doesn’t know yet.

Ellen introduces Sydney to this woman, Lauren Etheridge, the owner of the house. Sydney thanks Lauren for letting her come to the party and compliments her on her house. The man comments she’s a wonderful addition to it, and introduces himself as Carl Canin (Stephen). Sydney recognizes him as a famous Hollywood director. Lauren escorts her inside the house and offers her a bite to eat, and later she’ll introduce her around. Sydney comments she’s glad to have met Carl Canin. Lauren assures her she’ll get a chance to know him better.