Witchboard - Stephen NicholsSYNOPSIS

Evil, suspense, and horror all engulf three friends as they fall under the power of the mysterious Ouija board.

Linda and Jim host a house-warming party where Linda’s old boyfriend, Brandon (Stephen Nichols) introduces them to his Ouija board, a spiritualistic device used to communicate with the supernatural.

When Brandon summons the spirit of David, a little boy who died in an accident several years earlier, the guests are spellbound.

When the Ouija board gets left behind, Linda begins experimenting with it, even though she has been warned of the dangers of using the board alone.

Linda believes she has contacted the spirit of the little boy, David, and falls under his power. The more Linda becomes seduced by the Witchboard, the more horrifying her life becomes.

Realizing that the spirit which possessed Linda is not that of David, Jim and Brandon are left to their own resources to seek out which spirit as engulfed Linda.

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In 2009, Stephen, Tenney and others involved with the film gathered for a special screening for fans.

Witchboard Cover 2CAST

Todd Allen – Jim Morar
Tawny Kitaen – Linda Brewster
Stephen Nichols – Brandon Sinclair
Rose Marie – Mrs. Moses
Gloria Hayes – Wanda
Kathleen Wilhoite – Zarabeth


Kevin S. Tenney – Writer/Director

Witchboard Cover