Phoenix CoverSYNOPSIS

On the robotized mining center of Titus 4 which extracts Duridium, a group of artificials under the command of Miro, an android of class 9, have revolted and taken control of the mine. The mining investors ask Kilgore, in charge of safety, to get rid of the android threat on the planet. The mining of Duridium is only worked by androids and the ore is of primary importance with the creation of the artificials. It is the only substance for the androids which accelerates the acquisition of knowledge and inhibits the phenomena of rejection between the organic and artificial components of the brain.

Kilgore calls upon Tyler McClain and his team of commandos to take control of the mining center of Titus and to get rid of Miro. The group has no other choice than to accept the mission controlled by Reiger, arm right of Kilgore, with which McClain already has had some malicious disputes. Before his departure for Titus 4, Tyler becomes acquainted with Seline, a very beautiful young woman whom he saves from an unquestionable rape by a android. Tyler is drawn to her and dreams about her but she disappears while he sleeps.

The arrival of the commandos on Titus 4 is not done without pain and turns into a fiasco. Tyler is removed under the eyes of his team to find himself nose with nose with the head of the clan of the artificial ones. Miro explains to Tyler the truth about Kilgore and Reiger. He explains to him how the rough ore contains a bacterium which causes their brains to evolve them into humans. Tyler’s team rescues him and they return to home base. Miro contacts Kilgore and announces to him that he does not want to work for him any more. Kilgore and Reigel prepare to send a new assault team to put an end to the group of artificials under Miro. With an aim of exploding the mine of Titus 4, he also orders Tyler’s men to set out again towards the mine and to establish an outpost there and await help, making them believe that Tyler died of his wounds.

But in the hospital complex of Rydell Corporation, McClain suspects Kilgore of undertaking experimentation on artificials in order to make them more threatening. Tyler also finds Seline working in the center. Together they leave to research evidence of the experiments undertaken by Kilgore. When those are gathered, they steal a spaceship and leave to join the group of men to prevent them, like Miro, from implementing Kilgore’s plans for Titus 4.
However, McClain realizes that Seline, like Kilgore, has lied to him and is a part of the conspiracy. McClain finds his comrades and explains the situation to them. They are joined by Miro and his men and they combined to fight together. But the arrival of Kilgore’s artificials leads to Seline’s death. Kilgore then reveals to McClain the horrible truth about himself. Tyler is a android and is Kilgore’s greatest achievement, modeled after himself. The revelation will not be enough to make Tyler change camps and his humanity will allows him to put an end to the threat of Kilgore and his associates.


Stephen Nichols – Tyler
Brad Dourif – Reiger
Billy Drago – Kilgore
Denice Duff – Seline
Peter Murnik – Dillion
William Sanderson – Miro
Robert Gossett – Barker
Betsy Soo – Chin


Troy Cook – Director/Writer
Jimmy Lifton – Writer

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