Merchants of Venice - Stephen NicholsSYNOPSIS

Writer/Director Len Richmond has created a romantic comedy about sex as love, sex as sin, sex as business. Alex, a Russian immigrant arrives in Los Angles seeking the “American dream” only to land in a low-paying job in a factory manufacturing adult novelties. The factory’s owner, Eppy, a 65-year-old Jewish mother adopts Alex like a son and tries to matchmake him with another lonely, single friend of hers, Catherine, a fading adult movie star. An offbeat love affair begins as Alex, old-fashioned and deeply romantic, tries to convince the cynical Catherine that true love does indeed exist.
This move was also released under the titles A Dirty Little Business and Good Vibrations.


Michael York – Alex Jakoff
Beverly D’ Angelo – Mistress Cody
Nancy Fish – Eppie
Prunella Gee – Catherine Lucky McKay
Brian Cox – Uncle Vladimir
Troy Donahue – FBI Agent
Arthur Hiller – Reverend Phillips
Michael J. Pollard – The Senator
Stephen Nichols – The Stud


Len Richmond…….Director/Writer

Merchants of Venice Cover