House - Stephen Nichols as 'Scott'SYNOPSIS

Cast into a sinister other world, looking into the void of uncertain death, in the darkness, one man grapples with terrible unseen forces to save his sanity and only son. House – the nightmare is real, the torture has returned and they have come to DESTROY Roger Cobb! (played by William Katt)

Cobb, long overdue for a new horror novel, begins work instead on a different project – a book based on his experiences in Vietnam. In part, the new project is a way of purging himself of the horrors that he himself experienced while there. But what begins as an ambitious fiction experiment soon deteriorates into a seething and terrifying reality.

Gripped by graphic nightmares, haunted by strange and threatening phenomena, and rattled by hideous visions, his sanity gives way to a neurotic frenzy. And only by protecting his son is he able to overcome the irrational madness and all-consuming fear of House.

House Cover 2Basically, House is a traditional ghost story told in an original manner. Cobb moves into his aunt’s house after she takes her own life. It is then that he realizes his aunt wasn’t as crazy as everyone thought. The strange phenomena that grips Roger Cobb seems to all revolve around events from his past.

You see, his own son got lost while visiting at his aunt’s house. When the Roger begins getting clues that his son may be somewhere inside the house he makes an all-out effort to find him. But between the visions that begin to haunt Roger, his failed marriage, his pesky neighbor, and his Vietnam flashbacks involving a friend who was killed in action can Roger focus long enough to discover what really happened to his son?


William Katt – Roger Cobb
George Wendt – Harold Gorton
Richard Moll – Big Ben
Kay Lentz – Sandy
Mary Stavin – Tanya
Michael Ensign – Chet Parker
Stephen Nichols – Scott


Steve Miner – Director
Ethan Wiley – Writer
(based on a story by Fred Dekker)