Mike Munson (Stephen), a police officer, spies on his ex wife and her new boyfriend. He breaks into her house and assaults her. While Doug Stewart is playing with Munson’s two sons he comes into the room and tells him that he had told him not to come back. He shoots the man point blank in the head in front of the two boys. While awaiting his trial, Munson is freed and seems to show up when Doug’s mother, Kate is around. Russ Stuart at first asks him to stay away from his wife but he is laughed at. Later Russ tries to bribe him to leave town to no avail.

Finally, Russ is desperate to get the disruption out of their lives. He and his friend kidnap Munson outside a club and Russ takes him to the woods, promising him that he is going to give him a plane ticket and someone will keep him for a while. Munson thinks he is going to kill him and tells him he is going to get at least twenty years. When Russ asks him to get out of the car Munson jumps him and gets the gun away from him. The friend who had followed hits Mike over the head and Russ gets the gun away and shoots him. Later the police come and tell Russ that Munson is missing and that his car was found on the ferry. The policeman notices Russ’s muddy boots on the doorstep. Russ Stewart now lives with the fear of getting caught and his nightmares of what happened in the woods.


Mike Munson – Stephen Nichols
Russ Stuart – John Mahoney
Kate Stuart – Deborah Hedwall
Will Hunter – Don Hood
Michelle Munson – Stacy Edwards
Doug Stuart – J. Trevor Edmond


Director/Writer – Dennie Gordon
Based on a short story by Andre Dubus