Julius and Charles

Stephen Nichols’ most recent film, Get the Dime, is a short movie he wrote, directed and co-edited. It tells the story of a young actor willing to do anything to prepare himself for a role – a decision that proves to be far more dangerous than he anticipated. The photo above shows star Daniel Bess contemplating his decision.

Below is a list that highlights Stephen’s film career to date.

  • GET THE DIME (Writer, Director)
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  • CHECKMATE (Starring) Nick Celossi, Director
  • PHOENIX (Starring) Troy Cook, Director
  • THE GLASS CAGE (Co-Starring) Michael Schroeder, Director
  • MERCHANTS OF VENUS Len Richmond, Director
  • COVER ME (Co-Starring) Michael Schroeder, Director
  • HEAVEN’S TEARS (Starring) Lloyd Smandl, Director
  • A HARD RAIN (Starring) Dennie Gordon, Director
  • SOAPDISH (Guest Starring) Michael Hoffman, Director
  • WITCHBOARD (Starring) Kevin S. Tenney, Director
  • HOUSE Stephen C. Miner, Director
  • CHOICES (Co-Starring) Silvio Narizzano, Director
  • A DIFFERENT STORY Paul Aaron, Director
  • KILLING TIME (Starring) Damian Harris, Director