Stephen and Mary Beth Evans

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Stephen was a surprise guest.

Lisa: Now, Stephen Nichols. You were a supercouple, you two, Kayla and Patch were a supercouple on Days.

Mary Beth: I don’t know about you when you were off of Days, but for me, I get recognized all the time for that, and I think — I know, I know — I look different, and I always get recognized. No matter how many other things I do, that’s the show I get recognition for.

Lisa: Me, too. We’ve talked about that before. No matter what I played, Taylor, anybody else, they all want Billie.

Mary Beth: Isn’t that crazy?

Lisa: It’s crazy.

Mary Beth: In that show in particular they put you with someone and you work with them forever and ever, and the supercouple thing kind of happens. And if you’re lucky like Stephen and I, we had incredible chemistry and that has kind of carried over. But I don’t think other shows do that. I mean…

Lisa: I don’t either. There’s something about Days that really nurtures that whole supercouple thing.

Ty: Now, do you and Stephen still stay in touch?

Mary Beth: We’re great friends, really great. He’s always been an incredible friend when I was having whatever he was always right there, even when I was in the hospital. He used to pick my kids up and take then to Griffin Park to go on the trains and so all this other stuff. And now, since we aren’t working together, we call all the time. “What are you doing, ba ba.” And he was just in a great play, I don’t know if anyone saw it here, at the Geffen Playhouse, but he was so funny. So yeah we see each other all the time.

Ty: Well, actually we have him right backstage. Let’s bring him out.

Lisa: Stephen Nichols!

Ty: Rumor has it you were just in a great play at the Geffen Playhouse.

Stephen: I was. Did you see it?

Ty: No, no. We just heard about it.

Stephen: Yeah. Yes, you came (to Mary Beth) with the whole family, with the kids and everything.

Mary Beth: I came, my kids, they loved it.

Lisa: You are so good with one another.

Mary Beth: We are great friends.

Lisa: That’s nice.

Stephen: I think I lost my microphone. (he’s looking around his chair)

Ty: Do you guys remember the first day you met?

Mary Beth: I remember the first day I met you. (To Stephen)

Stephen: Yeah, the audition.

Ty: Tell us about it.

Mary Beth: I went to the producer’s office for the audition and he came in with his leather jacket and the scar and the patch, the whole thing and I had never seen the show.

Stephen: I was working that day.

Mary: I had never seen the show and I thought, Oh boy. Here’s me…

Lisa: So you were already on the show? (To Stephen)

Stephen: Yes.

Lisa: So you were already playing Patch and you came in to screen test which is always terrifying anyway, so you got along, you actually liked each other while you were working together, which doesn’t always happen.

Stephen: Oh, yes.

Mary Beth: I think we had a great work ethic together. We always ran our lines a million times. We were always working our stuff. We never, you know, just phoned it in as they say.

Ty: You think that’s the secret to great chemistry?

Mary Beth: That and being great friends. I mean, we always trusted each other and we could easily say to each other “You know, if you said it like that, it would be better” and not be offended or…

Stephen: Yeah, yeah, we weren’t offended by it.

Ty: Lines of communication.

Stephen: Yeah and those lips. How could you…

Ty: Doesn’t hurt.

Stephen: Doesn’t hurt at all, no, no.

Ty: So, actually you were on Days for a while as Patch and Kayla, then you went to GH where you played Katherine and Stefan.

Mary Beth: Right.

Stephen: Yes.

Mary Beth: And they put us together for a little while. It just depended on which writer was there, you know, and if they wanted to put us together they didn’t.

Ty: Yeah. It’s tough to recreate magic when you have a character, two characters in a moment in time. It’s tough to recreate that magic in the future.

Mary Beth: I think you’re right.

Stephen: I think it is a mistake to try.

Ty: I agree.

Mary Beth: I agree.

Stephen: I think if you put the two actors together that’s one thing but to try to recreate what you had…..

Ty: With different characters.

Stephen: It’s dumb.

Lisa: Now have they approached you to come back to Days as Payla and Katch? (Starts laughing at her goof)

Stephen: Payla and Katch, yes a matter of fact those are our new names.

Mary Beth: They have approached us for those characters, haven’t they?

Ty: The cartoon version of Days of Our Lives.

Lisa: Oh God, help me.

Mary Beth: You know we have never really been off shows at the same time, so…

Lisa: So you could now, so if they came to you do you think maybe?

Mary Beth Evans: We could.

Lisa: It’s kind of fun there now. You’d have a good time. Come on over. Maybe I’m starting something here. That would be fun.

Stephen: Yeah, you’re there now, aren’t you? Yeah.

Mary Beth: That would be fun. When did you start or leave?

Lisa: I left seven years ago and I was on for three years.

Mary Beth: What year did you start?

Lisa: 92 to 95. You guys were long gone, both of you. So I’d like to work with both of you.

Mary Beth: That would be so fun.

Stephen: Get on it. (Talking to Lisa.)

Ty: I think we have a Days of Our Lives reunion. The reunion tour, let’s get the band back together again, man. Guys, thank you very much for joining us.

Stephen: Yeah, thanks.

 Stephen and Mary Beth Evans on SOAPTalk, April 14, 2002